New screen printing Autotronik SP 1200

Our new screen printing machine has got a printable surface of up to 1200*400 mm. It contains a dual camera for centring and a vacuum table for DPS to 1000 mm.

Technical parameters:

  • Power supply 230VAC, 50Hz: YES
  • Automatic printing device with camera centring (principle, camera type, resolution): Automatic with manual offset settings using the camera system
  • Control of accuracy of the alignment settings before the start of the printing cycle: YES – using a camera, using micrometric screws by the operator
  • Accuracy: Repeatability of centring +/- 0.01 mm
  • Motor control of the movement of the colour blade: YES, servo motor
  • Control of the size of the tear of the table and the separation speed: YES, 2 speed options
  • Programmable settings of the printing parameters: YES
  • Size of the printing area: max. 1200 x 400 mm
  • Stencils size: YES – From 350 x 350 mm up to 1480 x 500 mm
  • Exchange of DPS: Manual collating of the product
  • Brightness: below DPS 25 mm
  • Machine dimensions: 1719 x 1006 x 851 mm
  • Weight of the machine: 162 kg



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