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  • Customized

    Professional EMS services including R&D, customized
    manufacturing and assembling of electronic units.

  • Project

    We will process your project comprehensively from the design itself to logistics, sampling and mass production, including that we will ensure the complete material purchase.

    By the use of formal planning techniques, we will provide everything you need. From the design of appropriate technology through to technical and technological support  and counselling, development, production set-up, final distribution and logistics solutions of the whole project.

    We'll take care of production engineering, including all documentation and all technical processes. Throughout the project completion, you will also receive a regular report on the current status and our professional team will be available to you at all times.

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  • Logistics

    Professional attitude not only during enquiries but throughout the purchases of all the components.

    We will provide all required materials for your specific electronics design .  Our suppliers are verified by establishing a long, mutual cooperation, regular audits and annual evaluation. We take only premium materials and components from certified distributors or in some cases directly from the manufacturers.

    We have a persistent overview of your project through online register system EVO and Helios.

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  • Pick and placement of SMD

    Premium quality and 100% compliance of deadlines during mounting circuit boards with electronic components is our priority.

    We use high-end technology and the latest equipment. We have a professional team full of dedicated professionals who are always at your disposal to solve your problem. We mount series of miniature SMD parts of the 0201 size and we are able to fit the size of 01005, too. Within the framework of the comprehensive EMS services, we also take part in designing and preparing PCB (preparation of documents for stencils).

    In conclusion, every detail of the assembled PCB goes through a 100% check-up of an Automatic Optical Inspection and also an X-ray, if necessary. This can reveal the maximum potential of manufacturing defects, ensuring the product is delivered in ultimate quality.

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  • Final assembly

    We take care of the final assembly, testing and subsequent product packaging (including package materials).

    Testing of the product is normal for us. The final steps of production are a detailed tests of the product. If we find a fault, everything is taken care of by our own service centre which is fully equipped to identify any defects and their follow-up removal.

    We arrange printed background information for you such as handbooks or manuals for your product and we also take care of the packaging including printing, all individual and according to your very wishes.

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  • Dispatch

    Within our services, we prepare your product for transport and we deliver it to your desired address.

    As the product may be damaged by contact with other devices with different electrical potential, we wrap it in a special antistatic packaging (ESD) so that it always arrives to its required destination in absolute order.

    We can also transport the product exactly where you want it. We have long-term partners in the transport industry and always choose the best alternatives given the size and number of products.

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  • logistics
  • SMD assembly
  • finalization
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News in the world of JABLOPCB

Introducing new email address

Introducing new email address

We would like to introduce you new e-mail address: "orders (at)" for your orders.

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New Compact Economy Flexible Modular YS12F

New Compact Economy Flexible Modular YS12F

New Compact Economy Flexible Modular YS12F

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New machine Yamaha Motor Releases High-Efficiency Modular Surface Mounter Z:LEX YSM20

New machine Yamaha Motor Releases High-Efficiency Modular Surface Mounter Z:LEX YSM20

This new surface mounter (SMT) has the versatility to cater to different production processes required for a wide variety of products, whilst achieving one of world's fastest mounting speed in its class (under optimum conditions) at 90,000 CPH (Chips Per Hour).

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New Selective soldering and Reflow system

New Selective soldering and Reflow system

We are expanding the technological equipment of our company with Ersa VERSAFLOW 3/45 and Ersa HOTFLOW 3/20

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JABLOTRON PCB Assemblyin numbers.

  • 58 millions SMD/month

  • 19 000 man-hour production capacity

  • 205 employees

  • over 132 customers

  • 25 countries we export to

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