New Selective soldering and Reflow system


Selective Soldering System Ersa VERSAFLOW 3/45

-High end selective soldering system to integrate into in-line manufacturing concepts
-Mini-wave soldering for high flexibility or multi-wave soldering for high volume applications
-Product change without loss in production time with the multi-wave process
-Parallel process through separation of fluxing, preheating and    soldering cycle
-Use of up to 4 flux spray heads
-Flexible system configuraion on account of modularity of the design
-Optional board examination systems VERSASCAN and VERSAEYE
-Ideal for linking to manual workstation or peripheral equipment
-Secure process control with monitoring of all relevant processes
-CAD-Assistant for offline programming
-Link for traceability systems for process control



Reflow system Ersa HOTFLOW 3/20

-Excellent heat transfer with the most varied board assemblies
-Rest-oxygen monitoring and control with low N2 consumption
-Low energy consumption through intelligent energy management
-Multi-level controlled cooling
-Multi-level process gas cleaning system
-"On the fly" maintenance for increased machine availability / uptime
-Multi-track conveyor system (1-4 tracks)
-Ersa Process Control (EPC) for continuous process monitoring
-Ersa Auto Profiler software for quickly generating temperature profiles



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