and washing 

Select Coat SL-940E Conformal Coating System

  • High speed, precision coating, higher performance
  • Easy programming
  • ​​Ventilation allows effective removal of VOC​
  • Automatically adjusts the viscosity during the coating process

Selective Conformal Coating System Asymtek Century

  • Link PC
  • Checks the UV varnish application
  • Cost-effective selective application of conformal coating materials virtually eliminates extensive masking and rework, maximizing throughput

Cleaning unit UNICLEAN II

  • Higher capacity washing PCB from the flux to printed PCB defects
  • Washing before bonding
  • The combination of different methods of agitation (UZ, sUI, oUI, AUI)
  • A fully enclosed washing circuit
  • DI water filtration is integrated
  • Windows® SW which manages all process washers, including robotic transport
  • Measuring the concentration of media
  • Archiving process data




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